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  • Sandy Lawrence

PMI Online Exam – Pros & Cons

Over the last year, PMI has worked with Pearson Vue to offer Online exams for three of their certifications; the PMP, ACP, and CAPM. Given the world-wide pandemic and the global reach of popularity for these exams, this is a welcomed alternative to finding a testing site. Many have asked me if there are any differences between taking the exam at a testing site and taking the exam online. Here are a few items to consider:

PMI states that the exams are exactly the same with the same pool of questions, just the delivery method is different. You have to schedule it. The exam is multiple choice, and you have a live proctor. A feature of the online exam is you do not need to drive anywhere, dress up, or comb your hair.

  There are, however, a few technical and process requirements to taking the online exam with a computer of your choice. PMI offers this web-page which answers most questions and FAQs.

Of particular note are the technology aspects of taking the exam. For example, you cannot have a pen, pencil, white board, calculator, or any paper near you. You will roll up your long sleeves if you have them to show your unmarked arms.

Two items are provided to you within the online exam environment. The first is a built-in calculator. The second is having access to a built-in whiteboard with eraser. This whiteboard offers candidates a place where they can write their mind dump, work through calculations, or take notes as necessary. You can use the whiteboard and the calculator at the same time. Click here to learn more about this whiteboard.

The only other difference is in the way you take a break. The online exam is split into 2 sections. It is between these two sections that you will be allowed a 10-minute break and can leave the room. Once back from your break, you will be logged back in by your proctor to work on the second and final section of the exam.

I’ve spoken to many who have taken the exam and said the difference was the fact that their computer needed to have a great internet connection so it would not falter. Other than that, it is a worthy alternative to a testing site.

Click here to learn more about the Pearson Vue online exam. If you still have questions about online exams by PMI, please check with PMI customer service.

Sandy Lawrence, PMP, PgMP, PfMP Mentor, Coach, Advocate of PMI certifications, and co-author of the Transitioning Military Series.

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