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Our Transitioning Military Book Series is available to you from Amazon, PayPal and

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Our most recent book is now available for your upcoming military transition.  The Periodic Table of Military Transition provides a method for your successful transition, borrowing the familiar periodic structure used in chemistry and physics. If you have already begun your transition, this book helps you rapidly get up to speed on those things you may have overlooked.  If you are just starting your transition, elements like job trends and your personal desires are presented in easy read chapters that are organized into the element groups of Market, Environment, Personal Traits, Transferable Skills, Tools and Civilian Network.  There are even post transition elements provided for your future professional development after completing your military transition.  You will gain a thorough understanding of yourself, the market and your completion after reading this book, while providing a pathway to expedite your military transition.  

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If you are ready to embark on your military transition and considering multiple professions, this book is for you.  You may be unaware of the significant project management experience mastered during your military service!   This all new second edition book incorporates Agile Methodologies, in addition to traditional project management career field and certification guidance.  Reading The Transitioning Military Project Manager will help you deal with military transitional challenges and provide common sense guidance as you deal with the uncertainties and ambiguities along your journey.  You gain a professional advantage by helping set into motion a course of action that will reduce transitional stress and create a satisfying, financially lucrative personal success story.  

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Fellow Logisticians - it is your time!  Your logistical capabilities from the military are extremely valuable in the corporate world and defense contracting! Everything you need to know about getting a leg up in commercial logistics, is contained in these pages.  You will refer back to the great common sense transitional guidance, now and many times in the future.  Using this book and associated no-cost tools as your guide, you gain significant professional advice, helping you plan and execute a courses of action for your unique transition.

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Are you departing the service soon?  If you are considering a profession in Information Technology, this book is for you.  Your IT knowledge absorbed during your military service to our country is of tremendous commercial value.  Enabling your military transition, this book helps you hurdle the challenges while reducing your stress.   This unique book is designed for those that desire to successfully transition to a civilian career in Information Technology or IT management.

TMCSP +T.jpg

If you are interested in Cybersecurity and you are preparing for your military transition, this book is for you.   "The Transitioning Military Cybersecurity Professional" provides valuable knowledge and insight into the Cybersecurity career field.  Your IT knowledge gained from your military experience will enable you to  move forward with a lucrative commercial career.  Further, this book will provide critical information on how to deal with challenges common to all who have transitioned from the military .  You will be fully prepared for your next profession as a civil servant, commercial or defense contract cybersecurity professional.  

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If you are an Infantryman, Artilleryman or Tanker, ready to embark on your military transition and at the cross roads of your next career move, this book is for you.   This book will help you relate your military experience to the commercial job market through a unique mapping system.  You will conquer transitional challenges and gain common since knowledge as you deal with obstacles that present themselves along the journey.  If you desire a professional advantage during your transition, this is the book for you!

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The Transitioned Veteran: Success Beyond Service is a compilation of stories by Veterans sharing their journey of transitioning from the military to the corporate world. These are real stories from real Veterans revealing their own fears, successes, failures, resourcefulness, perseverance and just-do-it attitude while working to find that next job in a culture foreign to what many had expected.

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