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Press Release -- Calling all Veterans in Transition...

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Release Date: Veterans Day, November 11, 2020.

Curious how Veterans have successfully transitioned beyond their military service? Interested in gaining insight on ideas, pitfalls to avoid, and great lessons learned to help YOU transition easier and with less stress?

The Transitioned Veteran: Success Beyond Service is a compilation of stories by Veterans sharing their journey of transitioning from the military to the corporate world. These are real stories from real Veterans revealing their own fears, successes, failures, resourcefulness, perseverance, and just-do-it attitude while working to find that next job in a culture foreign to what many had expected.

“……I encourage you to use this book as intended…learn from those who have gone before us. They have walked the walk and are showing us the way. They provide excellent examples of what worked and what did not. Add to your network by reaching out to the book’s contributors on LinkedIn and ask to connect; you never know where that could lead.” Foreword excerpt by Gregg Sturdevant, Major General, USMC (Ret)

The Transitioned Veteran: Success Beyond Service is not Service-specific; it contains Veterans’ stories from officers to enlisted who have transitioned as professionals and entrepreneurs. Each story in this book is framed around 12 questions gathered from insight derived from gathering experiences while helping to serve those who have served. Each story is an inspiration in and of itself.

GR8Transitions4U provides insight and guidance for military in transition through books, consulting, and speaking. To date, they have written and published six books in the Military Transition series. With over 5,000 books in circulation, the series is available to military members in transition around the world seeking a smooth transition, and the expanse is growing. Sandy and Jay were key influencers in the Project Management Institute adopting a National Military Liaison program specifically designed to help Veterans work to achieve a fulfilling career in Project Management. Both Sandy and Jay speak around the U.S. at conferences, chapter meetings, webinars, and training events.

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