Through the creation of The Transitioning Military Book Series, a variety of transitional books are available to assist you, during your military transition.  

  • The Transitioning Military Project Manager

  • The Transitioning Military Logistician

  • The Transitioning Military Information Technology Professional manager

  • The Transitioning Military Cybersecurity Professional

  • The Transitioning Combat Arms Professional 


Tailoring to your needs, we focus on veterans, military personnel in transitions, reservist and guardsmen, offering a number of presentations with emphasis on:


  • Certification preparation and application training

  • Military to civilian project management conversion

  • Interview, branding, and resume writing assistance and critiquing

  • Assessment and Readiness analysis

  • Personal Strategic Roadmap and goal analysis


Through our transitional leadership and our coaching, Gr8Transitions4U offers you the most up to date guidance on military transition.  Additionaly, we provide training and consulting services on a variety of topics. We work with organizations that have a common goal of seeing you have a highly successful career after the military service!  Make sure you check out our articles and coaching sessions.


Moving Forward! 

Your successful transition from the military into the civilian workplace is our number one goal.  Our books and services provide the highest probability of success with the reduced stress. Our services are geared toward the individual, small team and organization.  Offering high quality, cost-effective services, books and publications, contact us today for your next event.

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Latest Book - Gr8Transitions4U

It is finally here!  Learning New Tricks From an Old Dog! 

Click on the book below to learn more about this special book

written from a old dog’s perspective with you in mind!

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