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Interested in Being a Part of This Special Military Book Project?

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

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Inspiration We are thankful for the 21 million veterans who have served the U.S. to protect us and our borders. Each year, it is estimated that 200,000 military members transition to civilian life. According to the GAO, many veterans experience difficulty in finding a job beyond the military. Why? Key issues include being unfamiliar with effective job search strategies, and not knowing how to translate their military experience into a commercially-viable job title. There are programs to assist the men and women of the Services work on making sure their career in the military comes to a close with help through Transition Assistance Programs (TAP) addressing topics such as financial, veteran benefits, retirement, and career options. But, when it comes to actually sitting down and figuring out what you want to do next in your next mission – who helps? How do you determine what is your next best career mission? According to a recent U.S.Veterans magazine article, the following eight jobs are the best opportunities for veterans:

1. Financial Advisor 2. Information Security Analyst 3. Management Consultant 4. Nurse Practitioner 5. Operations Research Analyst 6. Registered Nurse 7. Sales Manager 8. Software Engineer Cross reference the above list to any number of top jobs in the U.S. and you will see these opportunities make great sense as they often times extend from a veteran’s career experience and additional duties. These duties are organized within military staff functions, and most commercial jobs can be closely mapped back to military roles and responsibilities. For example, and as stated in The Transitioning Combat Arms Professional, the U.S. Army’s five battalion staff functions are:

a. S1 – Personnel Functions b. S2 – Intelligence/Security c. S3 – Operations d. S4 – Logistics e. S6 - Communications Most veterans can take their military experience and additional duties they had and find alignment to the current commercial marketplace. This mapping methodology is exhibited in all the Transitioning Military Book Series and focuses specific insights for careers with technical aspects in Project Management, Information Technology, and Cybersecurity. The best knowledge and insight can come from those who have walked previously in your shoes and successfully gotten to the other side. At Gr8transitions4u we have shared many such stories over the years through our books and speaking engagements. That is where the rubber meets the road and helps transitioning veterans see and hear what others have done – successfully. If you have served, here is an opportunity to help others. We would love to share your story! Here’s how!! Click here for a Printable PDF Copy of this story

The Book Project: The Transitioned Veteran: Success beyond Service

This book is a compilation of stories by veterans sharing their journey while transitioning from the military to a corporate job. These are real stories from real Veterans that share their painful trials and tribulations, offering motivational insight on what worked right and what did not.

While all were ultimately successful, some fought hard, were completely overwhelmed, confused, or felt disgruntled that they were not quickly finding a job. What were they doing wrong? How did they succeed? What worked right?

Our book will be an unedited gathering of true stories written by Veterans like those in our Military Transition books who want to share their job transition experience from the military with you. The stories will be their own, sharing their own fears, successes, failures, resourcefulness, perseverance and just-do-it attitude that will inspire and motivate all who read them.

Each Veteran will be sharing their story through addressing 13 questions that we’ve compiled. These questions have been composed to help provide insight to the most frequent questions we’ve received over the years in researching and writing our books. We are gathering as many of these stories as possible and present them here in this book. It will be published in both eBook and print formats.

We are looking for veterans that have transitioned from the Service and into successful ventures such as contracting, civil service, running your own business, or a great corporate job! Veterans who want to hear YOUR story. They want to hear about the unknown - they want to go beyond TAP and get a handle on just how good or bad the marketplace is. Share your story and be an influencer. INTERESTED in sharing YOUR STORY? Email us! Send an email to

Write in the email subject: “I WANT TO SHARE MY STORY”. Include in the email your name, email and a phone number where you can be reached for follow-on discussions. Once verified, we will be in touch and send you our Interview Release form and the 13 questions designed to capture your transition story. If necessary, our story editors will make any format changes required to ensure that the final version of your story is grammatically correct as well as structured to be consistent with the entertaining nature of the publication. You will get to review and approve the final version of your story prior to publication. A portion of the proceeds of this book project will be donated to charities and activities established to assist Veterans in transition. We anticipate the book will be released before the end of 2020. GR8Transitions4U With over 5,000 books in circulation, Jay and I have come to help hundreds, even thousands of service men and women transition. Here is what we know. The most significant message we received over the years was that we shared real stories of real Veterans trying to transition out of the service and into a career highlighted in our books. Most readers want to know more, and learn how other veterans did it. Here is your opportunity! ABOUT THE AUTHORS Sandra Lawrence and Jay Hicks are recognized throughout the U.S. as Military Transition authors, lecturers, and speakers. They have currently written and published a total of six books in the Military Transition series. With over 5000 books in circulation, the series is available to military members in transition around the world seeking a smooth transition, and the expanse is growing. Sandy and Jay were key influencers in the Project Management Institute (PMI) adopting a National Military Liaison program specifically designed to help Veterans work to achieve a job in Project Management. Sandy and Jay are dedicated to providing insight and guidance for those looking to transition successfully from the Military with a focused program and the least amount of stress. Both Sandy and Jay speak around the U.S. at conferences, webinars, and training events. Prior books in the Transitioning Military Series include: · The Transitioning Military Project Manager (first and second editions) · The Transitioning Military Cybersecurity Professional · The Transitioning Military IT Professional · The Transitioning Military Logistician · The Transitioning Combat Arms Professional

All books have work companion guides to provide needed activity workspace to complete your mission. Available on Amazon, AAFES, and

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