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Targeting your Transition - Presentation

The art and science of making your job journey successful

Are you thinking of a job change? Is it within your existing company or do you want to make a complete change? No matter how small or drastic of a job change, this presentation is for you! Sandy walks you through steps to gain insight on yourself and important criteria for evaluating a job transition. Steps include soft assessments which help filter and focus out the noise of what your real desires are in your next best job and reveal pivotal steps to take for the most successful transition. This presentation is based upon transition steps covered in her Military Transition Book Series co-authored with Jay Hicks, and their training program “Targeting Your Transition”.

This is a 1-hour overview presentation covering the training process goals, intent, assessments and steps to this training offered.

Intended audience: is for anyone seeking insight to efficiently and effectively harnessing their awareness of what job to look for in today's digital job seeking world.

Please contact Sandy Lawrence to book this presentation!!

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